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"The career history of Brigitte Van de Rijt shows - more than most people's - a somewhat capricious, albeit highly satisfying course. She was born in 1956 in Compiègne, France, a town well-known for its history and its arts. Now, she is living in Belgium, a country that has seen so many painters developing their vocation.
Brigitte Van de Rijt does not like to express herself in an exuberant or lyrical manner. She prefers the serenity of familiar, everyday objects that quietly lie basking in the light so that the richness of colour radiates from them, the quality of their texture is palpable and the mystery of their innermost life is intimated."
Wim Toebosch, AICA

"The works of Brigitte Van de Rijt show major pictorial qualities, consisting in the perception, the absorption and the reproduction of atmospheric elements...".
Roger Geerts, art critic

"... So were born dreaming landscapes and interiors, secretly occupied by characters who reveal themselves only barely".
Jean-Marie Moulin, former museum curator, in charge of the national museum of the château de Compiègne, France

"All Brigitte Van de Rijt is doing, is art. The enlargement of banality enhances the platitude and gives it the opportunity to reveal its poetry; the poetry of banality."
Gie Bogaert, writer


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